Honeymoon In Red

by Lydia Lunch

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Recorded in London, Berlin and Brooklyn, 1982, 1987


released September 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Lydia Lunch New York, New York


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Track Name: Come Fall
I am king. I can do anything.
Come follow.
Come fall.
I will show you
all and mine.
Everything's mine
Then give you twin bright coins to put all yr eye lights lids down. Then fasten the door.
Fall in time.
Fall in time.

I count all of mine on fingers stained so . . .
Come fall, come fall, close your eyes.
we can dance on a tree.
and you will never touch the ground, touch the ground

She said "I can do anything."
I am king . . .
Come fall, come fall . . . come follow your leader.

Published by Dying Art
Track Name: So Your Heart
So your heart may not be broken. We can only hope for the worst.
You just can't keep from repeating, hand to hand, heart to heart break always in the dark . . . and so much less special than the rest.

Too many lips to weep a sad and seamy side to the same old storyline. The bitter winds of the last work, so stale and so dimly dim.

We could have one helluva time, while God, he just looks away, but there's gum in the chairs that dance in my head and now can this be new again . . .

Published by Widowspeak/Rough Trade Music/Dimeheart
Track Name: Dead River
Take the right bank to the night river
Watch the dreary soul seekers wretched
What flies by night, dies by daylight
Under broken trees we rest our weary hearts, our weary feet

On the banks of the river deadly
Souls are swallowed dry and loney
I could live so deaf and dumb dull, accompany this unholy bunch
and i for me don't wanna know those secrets that you leave
Behind those blue-black eyes

published by Widowspeak/Dying Art
Track Name: Three Kings
The moons at night like you and maybe stars are
When I lie in bed, when i lie, I lie
I wear a Mongolian hat, it's a real mean steal with a real mean point
That stars the pillow dead, that stabs it
I lie in dream blood, stabs soak the bed
We come from death, lust down the ages
We keep our company starved in cages

No sins, just blood and beer in your stoned-blind
Hole in haloed soul
No sins, no, an not much else

Burn my sheets and you'll burn
Watch it I wear dangerous things to scare night out of here
And fat men fat as moons, to scare night out of here

Blood keeps my soul untied and black is not as night is rotted dreams
I'd like to leave them for dead, i'd like to
So I got a point, when I lie in bed, when I lie, I lie
You better play dead after dead, you better play

The moons at night are red, Christ, you and maybe stars are
Dying to be followed, dying to be
When the star bled this message down, it said, once there were three kings, sucked in by a star, scarred white and spiteful
It led them off, far to any old shed
Oh God to God to Hell, you've got it wrong
You've got it wrong, you've got the wrong God, You got it wrong

Published by Dying Art
Track Name: Done Dun
We'll go for a walk and you'll get nowhere
This road leads to every disaster
Riding shotgun thru this silence
Spitting out these vicious secrets

There's a kill in a car and he's parking it right outside my face
Get it done with, get it done with
Is that a coffin fulluva cupids you keep pushing through my gate
There's a lot of fallen angels getting crushed beneath his feet

Now the killer gets the car and just drives it right into my guts
Get it done with, get it done with
Now the tears start flowing the fun really starts
Goodbye heaven, here comes heartache
Now the tears start flowing the fun really starts
Goodbye heaven, here comes heartbreak
Well the blood is really flowing and the fun it really starts

I don't need no derelict bloodshed
To lay these stains upon your altar
Saying prayers for passion killers
Who like saints commit these murders

Published by Widowspeak/Dying Arts
Track Name: Still Burning
Take the wheel of the world and drive, drive, drive, drive, drive
Quick as a gun, blind like a ghost, I catch most things in my blood you all lose between rooms
One last gasp before I go, your crystal skin laced with rust
Laced with rust, laced with rust
Take the wheel of the world and drive
One blood lust glance of the Milky Way, two shots, one in a million
Short-circuits a billion light years away
Down here it rains blood and milk for months, the Zulus are getting too strong to play with no more, no more, no more
Take the wheel of the world and drive
A pocket too fulluva stars, too hot to handle alone
Burning a hole, smouldering footsteps that lead to a heart
Mine, yours, who cares, it still burns, still bourne, I'm still burning, burning down
Take the wheel of the world and drive

Published by Dying Art
Track Name: Dead In The Head
Blood and guts in the moviehouse, slaughterhouse, slaughterhouse
He rips thru all the movie buffs, he rips them up, he rips them up
He goes where he don't wanna go and what he does, he doesn't know
He's the saddest creature known to man
An unknown Sam in an unkind land
He's out of his head and it's out of his hands
He's dead in the head

He does it up 'cause he's come undone, he does the blood walk and he does the blood run
Everything is going black, he's feeling weak with a mean streak
Come to me my little one, my heart is stone, my heart is cold
He's out of his head and it's out of his hands
He's dead in the head, dead in the head, dead in the head, etc.